How to Choose a Hair Brush


When choosing a Detangling Brush remember:

All hair types - For wet or dry hair

When choosing a Grooming Brush remember:

Fine Hair - Soft nylon or boar bristle

Thick hair - Firm nylon pins with a cushion base

When choosing a Blowdrying Brush remember:

All hair types - Vented brush

When choosing a Styling Brush remember:

Short hair - Small radial brush
Long hair - Large radial brush

Why choose 100% natural bristle?

  • Made from 100% high grade Boar Bristle
  • Easier on hair follicles
  • Ideal for fine to normal hair & bald or sensitive scalps
  • For thick hair, consider boar bristle with a Nylon pin mix
  • Cruelty-free production


Why Choose Ionic?

  • Negative ions create healthier, shinier hair
  • Prevents frizz & split ends
  • More manageable & softer hair
  • Antibacterial & antistatic


Why choose Ceramic?

  • Dries hair quickly & uniformly.
  • Minimises damage to hair follicles.
  • Styles hair to give a salon finish.



More on Detangling 3D technology:

Our Mita Detanglers are an innovative 3D design made with strong, flexible, nylon bristles to ensure gentle detangling. They have flexible bases that mould to the shape of your scalp and move smoothly with the direction of each brush stroke to reduce hair breakage and drag on the hair.

Benefits of the Detangling Brushes:

• Use in both wet and dry hair: Hair is at its most delicate when it’s wet, the nylon bristles help to prevent breakage of the hair.

• Remove tangles with ease: The flexible bristles will easily remove tangles effortlessly and painlessly.

• Flexible base: Mould’s to the shape of your head and massages the scalp with the direction of each brush stroke.



More on Ionic technology:

Ions are found in the air that we breathe. Negative ions (the good ones) are found where the air is clean and clear (more oxygenated) like by the sea or a waterfall, in the bush or the mountains.

Ionic brushes have a special coating on the pins that release negative ions during brushing, significantly improving the health and appearance of hair.

Benefits of Ionic Brushes:

• More manageable, softer, shinier hair: Negative ions smooth and tighten the hair shaft’s outer cuticle layer so hair becomes more manageable, feels softer and adds incredible shine.

• Prevents frizz and split ends: The smoothed and tightened outer cuticle layers of your hair shaft eliminate frizz and help prevent split ends. The negative ions antistatic properties also control fly-aways.

• Faster-drying, healthier hair: Negative ions break up clusters of water molecules, dispersing them more quickly. The micro-fine particles that are left can penetrate the cuticle and moisturise the hair shaft from the inside, hydrating and replenishing.

• Antibacterial: High concentrations of negative ions inhibit the growth of bacteria in your brush.


Great hair starts with the right brush.

Brushes come in all shapes and sizes, small brushes are better for shorter hair to create better lift and control. Use bigger brushes in longer hair to prevent getting tangles in the hair.


1. Ionic Grooming Oval Paddle Brush - Anything and everything

2. Natural Styling Medium Brush - Bounce and shine

3. Deluxe Styling Small Brush - Curling

4. Ionic Blowdrying Vent Brush - Volume

5. Essentials Styling Small Brush - Fringe

6. Deluxe Paddle Oval Grooming Brush - Smoothing and updos

7. TanglePro™ 3D Detangling Brush - Detangling wet and dry