How to Choose a Hair Brush

When choosing a Grooming Brush remember:

Fine Hair - Soft nylon or boar bristle
Thick hair - Firm nylon pins with a cushion base

When choosing a Blowdrying Brush remember:

All hair types - Vented brush

When choosing a Styling Brush remember:

Short hair - Small radial brush
Long hair - Large radial brush


Why choose 100% natural bristle?

  • Made from 100% high grade Boar Bristle
  • Easier on hair follicles
  • Ideal for fine to normal hair & bald or sensitive scalps
  • For thick hair, consider boar bristle with a Nylon pin mix
  • Cruelty-free production


Why Choose Ionic?

  • Negative ions create healthier, shinier hair
  • Prevents frizz & split ends
  • More manageable & softer hair
  • Antibacterial & antistatic


Why choose Ceramic?

  • Dries hair quickly & uniformly.
  • Minimises damage to hair follicles.
  • Styles hair to give a salon finish.



More on Ionic technology:

Ions are found in the air that we breathe. Negative ions (the good ones) are found where the air is clean and clear (more oxygenated) like by the sea or a waterfall, in the bush or the mountains.

Ionic brushes have a special coating on the pins that releases negative ions during brushing, significantly improving the health and appearance of hair.

Benefits of Ionic Brushes:

• More manageable, softer, shinier hair: Negative ions smooth and tighten the hair shaft’s outer cuticle layer so hair becomes more manageable, feels softer and adds incredible shine.

• Prevents frizz and split ends: The smoothed and tightened outer cuticle layers of your hair shaft eliminate frizz and help prevent split ends. The negative ions antistatic properties also control fly-aways.

• Faster-drying, healthier hair: Negative ions break up clusters of water molecules, dispersing them more quickly. The micro-fine particles that are left can penetrate the cuticle and moisturise the hair shaft from the inside, hydrating and replenishing.

• Antibacterial: High concentrations of negative ions inhibit the growth of bacteria in your brush.